Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tackling Big Projects

This past week, I needed to clean our bedroom. That involved going through drawers and an overcrowded bookshelf. Between my day job and writing schedule, I don't have much time left over for luxuries, like cleaning. I tackled the job one corner at a time. Thursday evening, I cleaned and dusted the end table. Friday evening, I dusted the television area. Saturday morning, I went through drawers and dusted the large dresser. Finally, today, I sorted through books and dusted the bookshelf. Afterwards, I felt like I had accomplished a huge task and still found time to write.

I realized later, that the idea of tackling huge jobs one step at a time can be applied to any task that seems overwhelming. If a writer sits down and writes one paragraph a day, the book will take shape. Hopefully, once you sit down to write that paragraph, you'll write more.

Once I accomplished my task, I felt so good I treated myself. No, not to a sundae, but to a small candy bar.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Introducing Mary Maxie

It is my pleasure to introduce Mary Maxie and her book, Sophie's Calgary Stampede.

A Washington DC corporate lawyer arrives in Calgary Alberta just in time for the annual ten days of madness called the Calgary Stampede. Feeling like a brown shoe with a tuxedo or a Manolo high heel with a cowgirl outfit, Sophie is about to find out what the new wild west is all about.

You can learn more about Mary and her books at

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Single Awareness Day

My husband calls February 14th "Single Awareness Day." He heard it on the radio about ten years ago and it stuck. A single friend of mine wears black every Valentine's Day. It makes you wonder how many people emotionally suffer on this day. Even if you are in a relationship, that doesn't mean the day will be full of chocolates and roses. I remember crying one Valentines, back in my twenties, when my significant other failed to acknowledge the day. After hearing some stories, I've decided they might as well call it, "Prove You Love Me Day."

Valentines is not going away anytime soon, so what can be done to make the day less painful? It really is a matter of perception. I am in a point in my life where most holidays, other than Christmas, are not that important unless I get the day off work. My husband and I bought our gifts and cards together, except for a CD I found for him. We received exactly what we wanted, and in this case, needed. We tell each other every day, in many ways, that we love each other so there is no need to prove anything. Communication is the key. Tell each other what Valentines means to you and what you would like to receive. There is no law that says a gift has to be a surprise. If money becomes an issue, you may have to compromise.

Keeping in mind that the candy and flower companies have blown the holiday out of proportion, you can accept that you don't need a significant other to be happy and treat yourself to the gift of your choice. When I was single, my sister, mother and I bought each other small boxes of chocolates. Who said sugar has to come from a man to be good?

Remember, you are the only person who can make you happy.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Next Romance Author's Booksigning in the Greater Phoenix Area

As the Glendale Chocolate Affair wraps up, I'm sure many of you are wondering when the next large booksigning will be held in the greater Phoenix area. The good news is you only have two months to wait.
The Desert Drams Writer's Conference will be holding a romance author's booksigning.

April 5, 2014 @ 7pm-8:30pm
Tempe Mission Palms Ballroom
60 East Fifth Street
Tempe, Arizona 85281

General Information: 
You are invited to attend one of the largest book signings in the Valley.  New York Time’s Bestsellers Christie Craig, Sylvia Day, Allison Brennan, Karin Tabke, Jennifer Ashley and many more favorites, will be available to meet and greet their fans while they sign their books.

Authors scheduled to appear:

  • Jennifer Ashley
  • Allison Brennan
  • Mary Buckham
  • Patricia Burrough
  • Laurie Schnebly Campbell
  • Toni McGee Causey
  • Shelley Coriell
  • Christie Craig
  • Sylvia Day
  • Connie Flynn
  • Cynthia Garner
  • Jami Gold
  • Donna Hatch
  • Morgan Kearns
  • Annette Mahon
  • Cheyene McCray
  • Cathy McDavid
  • Jess Michaels
  • Debra Mullens
  • Erin Quinn
  • Vijaya Schartz
  • Linda Style
  • Karen Tabke
  • Pamela Tracy
  • Kris Tualla
  • Carol Webb

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Character Development

Over the Christmas holiday, my husband and I started watching the Breaking Bad series. Half of the writing team of Tia Dani (Bev) and her husband also watched the series after it ended. We later compared notes. Bev and I agree that the character development was remarkable. We see these average, law-abiding people travel to the dark side due to their changing circumstances. This show is a must see for all writers. You can find it on Netflix or DVD.