Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lessons From Shadow Recruti

Many of you know I often find writing lessons while watching movies. This weekend, I watched Shadow Recruit. Although I enjoyed the suspense and action scenes, I encountered one problem with the movie. I couldn't fully understand why the United States would fall into another great depression if Chris Pine's character couldn't prevent a terrorist attack. Pine's character quickly explained to Costner's character what the bad guys were up to in a way he would understand. Frankly, I would need a white board with all of the elements carefully explained and color-coded. I know very little about the stock market.

What could they have done differently? Granted, Pine's character didn't have time to fully explain the details; the bad guys had tried to kill him and he was afraid they were following him. One possibility was for the information to be reported back to headquarters so that other CIA analysts back in D.C. could slowly and carefully explain to their superiors the details and how they could lead to a depression.

The lesson: make sure you fully explain to your readers what the danger is in your story.

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