Sunday, October 20, 2013

Enough Said

My husband and I enjoy watching romantic comedies. After a long week at work, we want to laugh and enjoy our movie watching experience.  We chose Enough Said because it starred James Gandolfini, who passed away last June. This was most likely the last movie he made. I have also enjoyed Julia Louis-Dreyfus in her former comedies and hoped she would offer a fine performance. 

We expected an enjoyable experience, but nothing profound. I was wrong. The movie offered much more than a few laughs. In my opinion, a movie is worth every penny spent going to the theater if it touches your life or makes you reflect on your own.

In Enough Said, Julia's character discovers her new friend is the ex-wife of her new boyfriend. Instead of breaking off one of the relationships, she continues to listen to the ex bash her new boyfriend. She believes she can avoid another bad marriage if she knows what she is getting into ahead of time. Of course, her view of the man she likes is skewed by this other woman. We aren't surprised when James's character says he feels like he just spent the evening with his ex. When she is caught, which we knew would happen, she tells the boyfriend she was trying to protect herself. He accuses her, and rightly so, of not protecting their relationship.

James's character set off a chain of thoughts in my own mind. I remember when I was young, I sometimes complained about boyfriends to my friends and they would agree with everything I said. Did that help any relationship? I'm sure it didn't. Did I need my friends to help me gather the strength to break up? Perhaps. What about friends who complain about their husbands? Is it the job of the friend to give advice to help save the marriage, or should they agree the husband is a jerk, or should they keep quiet? Should friends recommend marriage counseling or remind this person of their husband's finer qualities? Should people keep their marital problems to themselves? If your friend is being abused you want to get them assistance. 

My cousin told me that her father, my uncle, once told her not to do anything that would weaken her marriage. That was good advice to those who want to keep their marriage strong. I personally don't plan on giving advice on this subject. I am no expert and I'm not sure there are any perfect answers. I am simply going to reflect on the matter and continue to appreciate a thought-provoking movie.

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