Sunday, August 11, 2013


Last night, my husband and I watched Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. It is aimed at a teen/preteen audience, but I thought the premise of a camp filled with teens who are half bloods, the siblings of Greek gods and mortals interesting.

What I found most interesting was the device the writer used to reflect the main character's feelings. Although Percy saved the world, he is afraid he isn't a hero and couldn't do it again. His feeling is reflected in the actions of Mr. D, the Stanley Tucci character, who never remembers anyone's name except for Clarisse, who wins every camp challenge. At first, it was funny when Mr. D called everyone by a different name, but when he called Percy by another name, we knew he didn't think of Percy as a hero either. In his mind, the only demigod worthy of remembering was Clarisse. He further demonstrates this belief when he sends her and not Percy on a quest to find the fleece that is needed to save the camp.

The next time you read or write, check to see if there is another character who reflects the hero/heroine's fears of unworthiness.

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