Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Internship Reminded Why I Read Romances

Watching The Internship reminded me why I read and write romances. Going into the movie I expected the comedic duo to make me laugh, feel sorry for them, applaud when they grow as characters, and then allow me to leave with a sense of completion at a well-deserved happy ending. They did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

On the way out of the theater, I told my husband the story of how long ago I read a few books recommended by Oprah and colleagues at work. They were depressing. After devoting hours to the story, I read the last page and felt emotionally drained, empty. After two or three, I couldn't face another one of those books. I turned to romances because I knew no matter what happened to the hero and heroine I was guaranteed a happy ending. It's like going on an amusement park ride. You know you will scream with fear and laugh with delight. You also know, no matter how afraid you might get, you will eventually stand on your wobbly legs and walk safely off of the ride.

Romance novels make it safe to enjoy the story. Cheer the characters on, yell at them when they let their flaws get in the way of true love, and let your heart fill with joy when they overcome their fears to do the right thing. You know you are free to feel every emotion because when you reach the last page, everyone has a happy ending, including you.

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