Sunday, June 2, 2013

Character Driven Stories

Spoil Alert: If you haven't seen the movie, you may not want to ruin the ending by reading more.

My husband and I are movie buffs. Last night, we watched The Great Gatsby.You know you are watching a great character driven story when you are so captivated you forget to eat your Peanut M&Ms. The fact Leonardo DiCaprio was superb helped also. Gatsby starts out as a mysterious, rich and powerful man. There are plenty of rumors, but no one seems to know the true story. He throws lavish parties and knows the elite of New York on a first name basis. As the movie progresses, we learn how and why he built his empire. His goal was to win the hand of Daisy. His motivation was an all consuming love for her. The conflict was she wouldn't marry a poor man. With his mass fortune, he is one step away from the grand prize. Unfortunately, this isn't a romance so there is no happy ending.

If you need assistance in writing your own great character driven story, read Debra Dixon's book, Goal, Motivation & Conflict.

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