Sunday, May 5, 2013

Can A Book Be Too Intense?

The answer is yes. If you've seen the movie The Place Beyond The Pines, you might understand what I mean. I had read a review in our local paper which echoed the same sentiment, but I was willing to risk seeing the movie because the trailers caught my attention. Although the plot was interesting and the acting was good, I wanted the movie to end sooner than it did. The reason was the film was intense from beginning to end. I had been taught from my writing groups with Romance Writers of America to give your writers an emotional break after an intense scene. During this break, the characters reflect on what is happening and perhaps set a new goal. These breaks may include a touch of humor - anything to give the reader a chance to relax and breathe before you send them into another intense scene. The reader should experience a roller coaster ride of emotion. Can you imagine staying on the free-falling Tower of Terror ride at Disneyland for two hours straight?

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