Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finding an Agent

Today's world of publishing is changing fast and most of us aren't sure where it is going. A few years ago, the road to publishing meant finding an agent who would pitch your books to editors in hopes of selling your work. Now writers need to decide if they want or need an agent. I sold Liquid Hypnosis to The Wild Rose Press without an agent. They are a reputable ebook publisher. I chose them because they also offered print copies of my book. They are professional and good to work with.

But I still wanted to sell to the big print publishers. I still do. My journey in finding an agent is a bit different than some. I have writing friends who have a Rule of 5. They make sure they have 5 submissions out at all times. I never did that. Most likely because I kept growing as a writer and didn't feel the need to rush into anything. I only submitted to a handful of agents. Early on in my career, I targeted Harlequin and they don't require an agent. I submitted to an agent who gave me the win in the Desert Dreams Conference Contest. She rejected the book, but I decided not to write Inspirationals after all and shelved that book for now. One day, I'll take it out and give it the overhaul it deserves. Since it is very different from what most publishers want, I'll sell it digitally.

Next, I sent Liquid Hypnosis to two agents I met at another Desert Dreams Conference. They both rejected it and at that point I heard about The Wild Rose Press and sent it to them. I was glad to get the publishing experience and credit.

I soon decided I wanted to try my hand at cozy mysteries. I wrote a story I loved and an agent came to a Desert Rose meeting and listened to pitches. She took me on as a client. Reflecting back on the experience, I was glad everything played out the way it did. She is a good fit for me.

I'm still going through the same decision making process other writers are facing. If she can't sell my cozy, do I sell it through one of the digital publishers or self-pub it while waiting for her to sell the next proposal? I'll let you know when I make a decision. In the meantime, I keep writing.

The bottom line is every writer has to make decisions that feel right to them. If you want an agent and you feel you have a perfected book, then you can try the Rule of 5. If you aren't in a rush, then you can do what I  did and submit when it feels right. It's your career, it is up to you.

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