Sunday, December 16, 2012

Once Upon a Weekend

I am proud to announce the release of Once Upon a Weekend. My short story is a fractured fairy tale inspired by Rapunzel. Although the story is a step away from the mystery/suspense I usually write, it does have an unexpected twist like my other projects. The twist in Liquid Hypnosis was quite unexpected. Readers said they should have seen it coming, but did not.

What to expect from Once Upon a Weekend:

Sometimes a curse is really a blessing...When Hannah Lawrence agrees to manage a hair salon in a castle, she doesn't expect fairy tales. Then she finds herself alone in the salon with the owner's hunky brother, and magic sizzles between them. But can she forget her past long enough to embrace it? Contractor Tate Browning doesn't believe in magic. But when he makes the wrong comment to the wrong witch, his hair starts growing fast and won't stop. He's determined to finish the work he promised his sister--but how can he concentrate with the salon's beautiful new manager around? When Hannah discovers that Tate must prove himself worthy three times to remove the curse, he refuses to believe it--but magic cannot be denied. Will Tate and Hannah need a fairy godmother to find their happily ever after?

You can download Once Upon a Weekend in digital format at 
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Writing Hooks

This month we are discussing hooks. I chose the picture above as an example of how a hook might get your reader asking questions. Is this picture really Elvis or a Vegas impersonator? Is Tina going to discuss Elvis or other famous singers? Perhaps it is the jacket she wants us to look at, is that it? Or maybe she is going to discuss how people changed history. Is she going to bring up The Beatles?

The beginning of your story needs to plant a story question your reader wants answered. The first line of Liquid Hypnosis is Trevor Carlton hated threats-when they were directed at him. Hopefully, the reader will want to know what the threat is and who it is directed at and will continue reading long enough to get pulled into the story.

That is the goal of the hook: to get your reader to continue reading long enough to get pulled into the story.

More on hooks next Sunday.
Until then, happy reading and writing!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Organizing Chargers

I am constantly looking for ideas to make my life easier. I don't have time to mess with stuff. Today, I came up with a better way of organizing my chargers.

I already label each charger so I know which device it belongs to. Once upon a time, I found a collection of chargers in my daughter's room and had no idea what do with them. I believe I eventually tossed them since she had long grown up and move out.

I had already been placing the chargers in the basket, but today I remembered I had a box organizer, which are plastic pieces that divide boxes. I bent them a little to fit into the basket and now each charger has its own place in the basket, so they no longer get tangled together. To hide the chargers, I place a fake plant on top of the basket. Now it looks like part of the decor.

Until next time,
Happy writing or 
happy organizing!