Sunday, January 22, 2012

Organizing Goes Green

Going "Green" applies to every area of your life, including organizing.

Those of you following the blog know I am determined to save time by organizing my life. I would love to go out and buy brand new organizing systems and hire people to install them, but it isn't in my budget. And although I did buy a few baskets at a thrift store, I realized it would be simpler and cheaper to use ordinary items at home to organize those items which were cluttering my bathroom drawers.

I purchase inexpensive razors in bulk. The problem is they fall out of the bag once opened. I also own too many coffee cups. I helped solve both problems by placing the razors in a souveneir cup. Now when I grab for a razor from the bottom drawer, I notice the coffee cup it is resting in and remember the exciting whale watching adventure my brother, Bob, and his wife, Beth, took me on one summer.

I was about to throw out a not-so-gently used Christmas gift bag when it dawned on me that I could cut off the top and use it to hold hair clips. Both organizers are now stashed away in the bottom drawer in my bathroom where they are easily located when needed.
If you have any creative organizing ideas, we would be interesting in reading about them.

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