Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Secret Experiment

The Secret, which I like to think of as The Power of Positive Thinking, has intrigued me. I try to stay in a positive state of mind, which is supposed to bring more happiness your way, but I admit it isn't always easy. Overall, I have to say The Secret has changed my life. Or maybe I should say trying to stay in a grateful state of mind has changed my life.

A few years ago, I became a much happier person in large part to changing my focus to the positive more often. I like to attribute the wonderful people and events that have come into my life to this change. This past year, I reconnected with my college sweetheart and we got married in June. I was also able to replace my car with one which works much better. And this past week I found a wonderful agent to represent my work. So what now?

Of course I want to obtain a contract for my work. That is a given. I plan to act as if it is a done deal. According to The Secret, this attitude should bring it to me faster.

My big plan for right now is to try to stay happy as much as possible by counting my blessings and see what I attract. I will keep you posted on the good things that come my way. You could do the same and tell me what comes your way. I like to think that by being happy we pass our attitude forward to others also. If so, it will send a ripple effect out into the world.

And...if the universe is reading, I do need new patio furniture. I'm looking for a great deal.

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