Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bring on Happiness!

According to Rhonda Byrne's book, The Power, if you send out love and are happy, more things will come to you that make you happy. I found perfect examples last week. As many of you know, I got married last weekend, so I was definitely happy and sending out love. Wednesday, I took a reading class as part of my teacher continuing eduction. I randomly selected a table and two teachers joined us who brought more happiness into my life.

The teacher sitting across from me introduced herself. When I told her where I taught, she said, "You got our principal. We are going to miss him." In June, our school did hire a new principal, but I had not yet met the new principal. I was glad to hear from this teacher that the man we hired is nice, calm, and easy to talk to. This made me extremely happy.

The teacher who sat next to her recently got married as well. She had already started the name change process and shared what she had learned. For example, in Arizona, you have to change your social security card at least two days before you can change your driver's license. I wouldn't have known that if it weren't for her. I was planning to change my drivier's license first. She saved me at least an hour of wasted wait time at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

Needless to say, I was even happier when I left the class that day than when I arrived. I also knew none of this was a coincidence. It was a result of The Law of Attraction. So be happy and bring more happiness your way.

Until next time,
happy writing,
Tina LaVon

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Challenges Are a Good Thing

You are probably wondering why I have a picture of cappuccino and candy with a blog post about challenges. I have learned the best thing for me to do when I have a challenge is to relax, preferably with a cup of coffee and something sweet. I have a Type A personality, which most people would not suspect. Over the years, I have learned to control the raging beast inside. I've made it a point to let life happen and not get upset whenever possible.

When my pulse races and I'm afraid my blood pressure will get too high, I meditate. I also look for the positive in any situation. I once read that there is an imaginary circle around you representing what you can handle in any given situation. New challenges widen the circle making many more events manageable.

Lately, I have been faced with challenges, which have turned into positive learning opportunities. Saturday, the Irish Charmer and I are getting married. My focus has been to turn this into more of a party. By not having certain expectations, I have found the event more enjoyable and friends and family have surprised me with their kindness.

While preparing for the big day, my upstairs neighbor's pipes have leaked through my bathroom ceiling for the third time. I definitely had to meditate over this one. My tendency is try to control the situation and resolve everything immediately. My fiance has stepped in to help and I have discovered how great he will be in an emergency situation. He is intelligent and calm. Qualities I respect. Also, by not taking charge myself, everything is falling into place. In the end, the situation will finally be resolved and I will have a nicer ceiling. It doesn't have to happen today.

So, while I am planning for my wedding and watching the paint fall from my bathroom ceiling, I get an adjusted tax statement from the AZ Dept. of Revenue and due to the high volume of calls, I can't get through to a live person. Apparently, they are not recognizing that I did pay my taxes through my non-writing career because they are looking at a tax ID number and not my social security number. In the past, I would have been extremely upset and ranting, but I have decided this can wait until after the wedding. I have learned to prioritize and put some things aside until later when it can be dealt with in a more relaxed manner.

Looking over the past week, I am amazed by how I have managed to stay sane with so much going on. I am learning to allow others to help - something new to me these past few years -and to let some things, although important, to take a backseat for awhile.

Of course, meditating more often is helpful and I'll blog about that another time.

Until next time,
happy writing!
Tina LaVon

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Simple Summer Weddings

Next weekend, The Irish Charmer and I are getting married. This being a second wedding for us both, we decided to keep things simple. After watching a couple of reality shows where the bride loses her mind over the dress or the details of the big day, I knew I didn't want to go there. I want to enjoy every minute. Our goal has been to share this moment with the people we love in relaxed setting, without going bankrupt, or crying for hours. So far, we have managed to keep the cost around $1,000. I thought someone might benefit from what we learned.

* Location - I like to say we are having a party with a time-out to get married. We decided to have both the wedding and reception at my cousin's house. Her husband even installed a misting system on the patio. What a guy! Even though it is an evening wedding, it is still Arizona in June. Not renting a church or hall saved a lot of money. Of course, I have bought a gift for them to say thank you.

* Drinks - I bought the beer, sodas, and water over a holdiay weekend. I checked the local flyers and discovered Frys grocery store had them on sale cheaper than Costco.

* The Dress - Can be a huge expense. My sister loaned me hers, but I soon discovered I would have been overdressed for this simple wedding. Instead, I found a cute white sundress for $100 at Pennys. They had a wide selection of white sundresses to choose from and some were less expensive.

*Shoes - Kohls turned out to be the perfect place to buy heeled sandals. I received a ten dollars off card in the mail and the shoes were on sale. I paid about $12 for the shoes. Great deal!

*Food - Catering is not cheap. Costco couldn't be beat for food. Yesterday we loaded our cart with frozen appetizers we will heat up that day. Tip: to get them all in the freezer, I had to take the plastic packages out of their cardboard containers. I saved the preparation directions and tossed the rest of the boxes.

*Extra expenses - Relatives and friends want to help, so let them as long as they don't have outlandish ideas. I have wonderful people in my life who want to be a special part of our big day. My adult daughter is taking me out to get my nails, hair, and makeup done. It will be a wonderful bonding moment. My sister is paying for the minister who is a friend of hers from work. My aunts and uncles are bringing coolers and long tables. And a friend from work is providing 20 of the chairs. We are renting the rest from a place with reasonable prices.

*The cake - The Irish Charmer and I were going to get a sheet cake. We didn't want to spend a huge amount of money on a traditional wedding cake. My daughter said the resorts are using cupcakes these days so my mother is ordering dozens of red velvet cupcakes. We have three towers to put them on for a decorative display.

*Decorations - Don't forget your local dollar store. I bought eight centerpieces; simple glass bowls to float roses inside. My mother donated satin rose petals for the table. I did splurge for bubble tubes, candy, and the netting to put them in at Party City. I'm sure I could have found it cheaper elsewhere, but I was running out of time to compare prices. They did have satin ribbon for only 59 cents. Cheaper than most places I had checked for ribbon.

* Photography - Again, this is a second marriage so we didn't feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars on pictures. I bought a package of fun cameras to place around on the tables for guests to use and we are also bringing digital cameras. I'm confident there will be enough photographs to capture the spirit of the day.

* Flowers - I could have ordered flowers at Costco, but Frys has them for about ten dollars a dozen. I ordered 3 dozen and with floral tape and ribbon will make my bouquet and the flowers the ladies standing up with me will hold, plus the roses for the centerpieces. Much cheaper than going through a florist.

Overall, I am very happy with what we have accomplished. I haven't lost my mind and am enjoying every moment. And at the end of the evening, we will be happily wed. That is what matters most.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't Worry, Be Happy

A few minutes ago I decided to meditate before looking

over my manuscript once last time before sending it out.

I intended to visualize what I wanted in my life. The

interesting thing about meditating is what you need, rather

than what you want, can come to you rather quickly.

At first, I was mentally cataloging what to visualize and

then I remembered what Mike Dooley, author of Manifesting

Change, said when I heard him speak. He believes if

you focus in just being happy, the universe will give you

what you need to be happy.

Rhonda Byrne, author of The Power, claims your life will

change for the better if you are happy and sending out love

51% of the day. I wrote 51% on my bathroom mirror as a


Instead of rushing around because I have so much to do,

I have decided to seek out the joy of every moment. Feel

the overwhelming happiness that flows through my body

when I do this and trust that I will accomplish all that needs

to be done. Instead of feeling stressed, I will be grateful

and happy. I suggest you give it a try, too.

Until next time,

happy writing!

Tina LaVon