Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Power of Happiness

In The Secret and The Power they discuss being in a grateful state of mind. I have noticed that when I'm grateful, I am happy. When I'm happy more things come to me that make me happy. It's almost like the Universe/God wants to maintain that balance. Greater spiritual minds than mine could spend hours explaining that one.

A perfect example was last Friday. Thursday night I had made major accomplishments on my book proposal and I was in a state of ectasy. Life was wonderful! The next day was the last day of school before spring break and I noticed every great thing that came my way. One student said, "Today's your lucky day!"

That morning:

*We were supposed to split a class when the teacher took the day off to prepare for her wedding, which meant six additional students in our rooms. We had done the same the day before. I was prepared, but the administrators decided to move other staff into that room for the day. That meant no additional students for my team.
*A teacher brought bagels and my assistant brought donuts. Yum!
*I also received an extra portion of shrimp poppers for lunch. Not good for my diet, but it is my favorite item on the cafeteria menu.
*One hundred percent of my students passed the math test on the first try. The day before some of them were struggling with adding money, but suddenly they caught on that morning.

It honestly felt like the universe had shifted people and events to make my school day awesome!
Of course, the rest of the day was great; it was spring break!

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