Monday, February 21, 2011

The Universe Works in Amazing Ways

Once I discovered how The Secret works, I started noticing how small things I want manifest. In fact, I am often amazed at where they came from. Its as if the Universe goes out of its way to bring me things in strange ways so I will know, without doubt, that it came from the Universe.

One day I noticed I should add some paintings to my condo walls. I knew I would get them and put it out of my mind. Within a month, a second grade student brought me original oil paintings his aunt had made. Who would ever guess they would have come from a child?

Last year I had my condo up for sale. I knew the spare bathroom needed something to make it more presentable. I knew I would take care of it and let it go. Before long I attended a Desert Rose Romance Writer's meeting. Kathryne Kennedy, a dear friend of mine, won a basket. She decided I should have it. I argued with her, but she kept insisting. When I got home I discovered it contained bath salts, soaps, etc. And all in purple, which matched the spare bathroom.

I needed to get new sheets for my bed. I knew I would get them at the right time and put it out of my mind. I rarely went to the mall so the Universe would have to bring them to me and it did. A friend takes me to the gem show twice a year. This was the first time we had seen Egyptian sheets sold at the gem show for an extremely low price. I was amazed.

Every time the Universe brings me things in unique ways I am thrilled and delighted, so it keeps happening. Remember to be grateful for what you have, try to stay in a happy state of mind, and send love to others and the Universe will amaze you.