Friday, January 28, 2011

How The Secret Works

After listening to the audio CDs of The Secret and its sequel The Power, plus books by Mike Dooley, my understanding of The Secret is you put yourself into a state of gratitude; loving all of the good in your life. You appreciate what you have and more of what you want will come to you. Only better.

In The Secret, the speakers recommend creating a vision board. You glue onto it pictures of what you want in your life. Mike Dooley says you can just ask to be happy and the universe/God (Whatever your spiritual belief may be) will give you what you need to be happy.

Once you say what you are grateful for and you know what you want, then you say what you want as if you already have it. For example, I can say, "I am so grateful I am a New York Times writer." At some point in the day you should visualize your life as if you already have what you want. Act as if you already have what you want. I would need to write more. If it is a new love you want, then make room in your closet for that person. Sleep on one side of the bed instead of the middle. Imagine what you would do during the day with your significant other. It is important to feel good about you want, to have love for it, but not to hold onto it so tight that you actually push it away. Have faith you will get what you want.

I found that is was difficult for me to believe that I could get the big things I want so I started out small. I have found that when I am about positive about the details of what I want it comes to me faster. And what comes to me often feels magical.

One example of the magic: Every time I went into an office supply store I would search for the perfect organizer. I wanted a small calendar with big date squares and an area to store cards, change etc. It also needed to have a burgundy leather case. One day I spent over an hour looking at everything in the store. Finally, I decided I could just make what I wanted by putting a calendar, dividers, paper, and business card holders into a binder. Once I knew exactly what I wanted, twenty seconds later I found a leather, burgundy binder on top of a set of black ones. There was no other one like it in the store. There wasn't even a spot for it. And I know it wasn't there a few minutes before because anything burgundy stands out to me. I had to ask a sales associate to scan the bar-code to find out how much it was. It was like if fell from the heavens.

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