Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How I REALLY, REALLY Know The Secret Works

The biggest change in my life came about because of The Secret.

Growing up I had always wanted the nuclear family. When I got divorced I figured that was a lost dream. When my daughter was young I decided I wouldn't date until she graduated from college. For over a decade I was closed up. I had friends and discovered my writing, but I never let a man close. I never considered replacing that dream with another one because I was too scared.

About two and half years ago, I realized my daughter would soon graduate from college. I knew it was my time to live my life for me. I had also seen The Secret on DVD and knew the possibilities were endless. Overnight I was happier than I had ever been. My friends noticed the difference and commented. They also waited to see if this change would stick and it has.

At that time, I knew that it was my time to be truly happy. It was also my time for that one big true love. I had no doubts that God/The Universe would send me the right man for me. I was ready. Almost every day for two years I said, "I have a man who loves and adores me." I also knew it would be a man from my past. According to The Secret, you say what you want as if you already have it.

Thanks to Facebook, several old flames came back into my life. They are all wonderful people, but one was meant to be. The man who truly loves and adores and tells me often. He knew what he wanted and went after me. No doubts. I remember telling a friend in college that he was the right man at the wrong time. Now he is the right man at the right time and we are blissfully happy together. I call him my Irish Charmer.

The only thing better than writing romance novels is living one.

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