Sunday, December 4, 2011

Patio Furniture

I posted I wanted new patio furniture recently. All I wanted for right now was two chairs at low cost or free. I saw two at Home Depot, but decided to wait. Following The Secret, I knew I would get these chairs in a way that felt good to me.

I did buy those chairs last weekend using the gift cards my husband and I forgot to take on our honeymoon, so you could say we got them for free. I know anyone could debate this issue, but I knew the money wasn't coming out of my bank account and that is all that mattered to me.

Experimenting with The Secret, I have decided to try to keep a positive attitude and decrease stress in my life. If the book is correct, then that should bring more joy into my life. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Concentrating on the Positive

Life can get in the way of our best intentions. I wanted to focus on the positive to see what happens in terms of attracting more positive into my life. (That is the premise for The Secret.) What I found is my positive thoughts about my marriage brought more wonderful moments in my marriage. My husband took me out for dinner for my birthday and we danced on the patio. The waiter excused herself, sneaking back inside the restaurant. It was the most romantic moment of my life. Last month, we flew to San Francisco for our belated honeymoon. I had never been on a cable car and we both hung onto the outside. What fun!

My positive thoughts about my writing brought more positive moments. I finally landed an awesome agent! I am excited about the book I'm writing and get giddy whenever an unexpected twist comes to me.

The problem has been my day job. One distraction after another. If The Secret is true, I attracted this. I used to say most of my life went well to make up for the one area that was causing grief. I am officially changing that thought process today. All areas of my life can and will be wonderful! My plan is to focus more on the positive and see what happens.

Wish me luck!
I wish you better luck!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Secret Experiment

The Secret, which I like to think of as The Power of Positive Thinking, has intrigued me. I try to stay in a positive state of mind, which is supposed to bring more happiness your way, but I admit it isn't always easy. Overall, I have to say The Secret has changed my life. Or maybe I should say trying to stay in a grateful state of mind has changed my life.

A few years ago, I became a much happier person in large part to changing my focus to the positive more often. I like to attribute the wonderful people and events that have come into my life to this change. This past year, I reconnected with my college sweetheart and we got married in June. I was also able to replace my car with one which works much better. And this past week I found a wonderful agent to represent my work. So what now?

Of course I want to obtain a contract for my work. That is a given. I plan to act as if it is a done deal. According to The Secret, this attitude should bring it to me faster.

My big plan for right now is to try to stay happy as much as possible by counting my blessings and see what I attract. I will keep you posted on the good things that come my way. You could do the same and tell me what comes your way. I like to think that by being happy we pass our attitude forward to others also. If so, it will send a ripple effect out into the world.

And...if the universe is reading, I do need new patio furniture. I'm looking for a great deal.

The Rules

Writers often hear about the rules of writing. You shouldn't have too many -ly words, or use "was," or head hop point of view. We wonder when we read books that break all of these rules how they got published. I have often thought that it is good to know the rules so you can choose when to break them. The problem is we hear too many rules about too many avenues of writing. Sometimes it can stifle our creativity.

I recently picked up the book, If You Want to Write, by Brenda Ueland. While perusing the pages I came across a piece of advice:

"As you write, never let a lot of "oughts" block you: I ought to be more humorous, more Leftist, more like Ernest Hemingway, more bitingly satirical. Then it shows. That spoils it. It will not be alive, but dead."

My advice is to write freely and discover your voice. Your voice brings life to your writing. Worry about the -ly words when you edit, and ONLY if you think it takes away from your finished product.

Until next week,
Tina LaVon

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Submitting Your Manuscript

The most daunting part of writing is the submission process. I have heard my writing friends say they pitched their story to an agent or editor when it wasn't finished-far from it. They may have gotten a request to see the material, but I rarely hear of an agent or editor buying that manuscript after the writer rushed to finished it.

New York Times bestselling author, Bob Mayer cautions writers against pitching work that isn't finished. In his book, The Novel Writer's Toolkit, he recommends writers "make sure your work is really finished." He says you should let the completed manuscript sit for two weeks before reading through it and making changes. Then, after you submit, start the next book.

You can hear more advice from Bob, and buy a copy of his book, at the Desert Dreams Conference in Scottsdale Arizona, April 27-29,2012. Go to for more information and registration.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


When life is getting too monotonous or stressful, you might need to escape.
Over the Labor Day weekend, my husband and I decided last minute to escape the Arizona heat and drive to San Diego. The cooler temperatures and time spent outside in nature helped to recharge my batteries. After returning I felt refreshed. I return to my job with renewed energy and to my book feeling more creative. I highly recommend an escape whenever possible. If you can't leave town, try getting out in nature near your home. Of course, if you live in Arizona when it is over hundred degrees, you might need to escape to an ice rink.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Tuesday night I won a basket. Inside was a stamp that said BELIEVE. Saturday, I sat at a table at the gym, waiting for my husband, and noticed a sign similar to the one above. Twice in one week... I don't believe in coincidences, so I quickly decided this was a message and recognized it was one I needed.

Too often we hold ourselves back from obtaining what we want. We say we want to be rich, but then we worry if it would cause complications. Would we lose friends due to jealousy or would family members get upset if we didn't shower them with gifts. These thoughts will block us from becoming rich.

How does this pertain to our writing? We say we want the big contract with the big publisher, but are we afraid of deadlines? Are we worried our loved ones will be upset if we have to spend more time writing? Will we lose the free time we had to enjoy casual lunches with friends? Will we be able to put everything away long enough to take a wonderful vacation?

If we are worried about what will come if we get the big contract, then we will block it from coming. After being introduced to The Law of Attraction and The Power of Positive Thinking, I have witnessed a pattern in my life. In order to receive what I think I want, I need to picture it from all angles, be certain it is what I want, believe it will come, and then work towards that end. I invite you to try this approach and see what happens.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Facebook Wedding

When I first heard of Facebook, I was reluctant to join because I already had a Myspace account for my writing persona. After a few months, I decided to go ahead and set up a personal account to keep in touch with family, friends, and coworkers. I never dreamed it would change my life forever.

At first, I was grateful I had the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with my sister-in-laws by keeping in touch with them. I was thrilled when old friends came back into my life. Then one day, an old college boyfriend friended me. He later told me he once thought he had lost me forever.

A writing friend said I should blog about our reunion. I thought about this for awhile and decided it probably is an interesting story and might even give hope to others who have lost touch with someone they care about, or are hoping Mr. Right might "friend" them.

I refer to Pat as My Irish Charmer. We started out as friends catching up on the past thirty years. When we were in college, I was 18 and he was 22. I was too young to know what I really wanted or what type of man would be best to marry. Our new friendship later turned into dating and then this past June we married in a simple backyard wedding with family and friends. My father passed away two years ago, so I felt blessed that three of his brothers gave me away. In true romance writer fashion, my friend Kathryne Kennedy said the way My Irish Charmer looked at me during the ceremony made her cry.

I guess you can say I'm the heroine in my own romance novel.

Until next week,
happy writing!
Tina LaVon

Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Tips on Naming Characters

The past few weeks I have been discussing where writers find names for their characters. I almost forgot to share some helpful hints. For starters, you don't want all or many of your characters names starting with the same letter. It helps to avoid confusion and aids in giving every character their own, separate, identity. A friend once told me she writes the alphabet and when choosing a first or last name she marks the first letter off her alphabet. I found this useful.

The next piece of advice came from another writing friend who read my book, Liquid Hypnosis. She told me she is Dyslexic and names which end the same confused her because she sometimes starts at the end of a name. I believe I had a few characters whose names ended in S.
My next book has a character whose last name is Stevenson, so I need to make sure no one else's name ends with son too.

I hope you find this advice useful as well.
Until next time,
happy writing!
Tina LaVon

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Character Naming

Two Sundays ago, I mentioned Best-selling Author, Janet Evanovich, searched through yearbooks and phone books to find names for her characters. Usually names come to me, but I have discovered a couple of resource books I have used often.

Character Naming Source book by Sherrilyn Kenyon, another New York Times Best-selling Author. She lists names by their nationality and gives their meaning. According to her book, Tina is English and means river. Maybe I shouldn't have looked. I've seen better definitions elsewhere.

My favorite resource book is The Secret Universe of Names by Roy Feins. He believes names have a subliminal power. We form an image of someone when we hear their name. This is helpful for writers who are forming characters with particular traits. This gives us an edge if the reader already has a predisposed belief system about names.

He lists names according the significant letters. For example, Tina is listed under tn. He then gives a page describing the personality attached to the name. I read through the page for Tina. Some of it applies to me, but not all. He also lists strengths and weaknesses. My strengths would be Energetic, Talented, Warm. I can live with that. My weaknesses would be Self-important, Pushy, Demanding. I guess I have been those at least once. My friends would say I am definitely not pushy or demanding. Perhaps when I was younger or if I feel I am standing up for someone's rights.

The author also gives a rating scale on how likely someone with a particular name is to be charismatic, have a successful career, be lucky in love and friendship, and how much power they might have. My scale is the highest when it comes to love and friendship. I would have to agree.

Until next week,
happy writing,
Tina LaVon

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet an Editor and/or Agent

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Sunday, July 3, 2011


This weekend we celebrate Independence Day in the United States. We recognize the fact we won our freedom during the American Revolution. We may be a free country, but there are all types of binds we place on ourselves. During these weekend celebrations, I challenge you to take a good, long look at your life. What do you need to free yourself from? Do you spend too much time with toxic, negative people who deplete your energy? Do you eat too much junk food that clogs your body and also drains your energy? Are you spending too much working and not enough time with your loved ones? Identify what detracts from the quality of your life and start your own revolution to free yourself.

I am going to increase my energy levels by increasing my water intake, eating healthier food, and exercising more. What will you do?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bring on Happiness!

According to Rhonda Byrne's book, The Power, if you send out love and are happy, more things will come to you that make you happy. I found perfect examples last week. As many of you know, I got married last weekend, so I was definitely happy and sending out love. Wednesday, I took a reading class as part of my teacher continuing eduction. I randomly selected a table and two teachers joined us who brought more happiness into my life.

The teacher sitting across from me introduced herself. When I told her where I taught, she said, "You got our principal. We are going to miss him." In June, our school did hire a new principal, but I had not yet met the new principal. I was glad to hear from this teacher that the man we hired is nice, calm, and easy to talk to. This made me extremely happy.

The teacher who sat next to her recently got married as well. She had already started the name change process and shared what she had learned. For example, in Arizona, you have to change your social security card at least two days before you can change your driver's license. I wouldn't have known that if it weren't for her. I was planning to change my drivier's license first. She saved me at least an hour of wasted wait time at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

Needless to say, I was even happier when I left the class that day than when I arrived. I also knew none of this was a coincidence. It was a result of The Law of Attraction. So be happy and bring more happiness your way.

Until next time,
happy writing,
Tina LaVon

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Challenges Are a Good Thing

You are probably wondering why I have a picture of cappuccino and candy with a blog post about challenges. I have learned the best thing for me to do when I have a challenge is to relax, preferably with a cup of coffee and something sweet. I have a Type A personality, which most people would not suspect. Over the years, I have learned to control the raging beast inside. I've made it a point to let life happen and not get upset whenever possible.

When my pulse races and I'm afraid my blood pressure will get too high, I meditate. I also look for the positive in any situation. I once read that there is an imaginary circle around you representing what you can handle in any given situation. New challenges widen the circle making many more events manageable.

Lately, I have been faced with challenges, which have turned into positive learning opportunities. Saturday, the Irish Charmer and I are getting married. My focus has been to turn this into more of a party. By not having certain expectations, I have found the event more enjoyable and friends and family have surprised me with their kindness.

While preparing for the big day, my upstairs neighbor's pipes have leaked through my bathroom ceiling for the third time. I definitely had to meditate over this one. My tendency is try to control the situation and resolve everything immediately. My fiance has stepped in to help and I have discovered how great he will be in an emergency situation. He is intelligent and calm. Qualities I respect. Also, by not taking charge myself, everything is falling into place. In the end, the situation will finally be resolved and I will have a nicer ceiling. It doesn't have to happen today.

So, while I am planning for my wedding and watching the paint fall from my bathroom ceiling, I get an adjusted tax statement from the AZ Dept. of Revenue and due to the high volume of calls, I can't get through to a live person. Apparently, they are not recognizing that I did pay my taxes through my non-writing career because they are looking at a tax ID number and not my social security number. In the past, I would have been extremely upset and ranting, but I have decided this can wait until after the wedding. I have learned to prioritize and put some things aside until later when it can be dealt with in a more relaxed manner.

Looking over the past week, I am amazed by how I have managed to stay sane with so much going on. I am learning to allow others to help - something new to me these past few years -and to let some things, although important, to take a backseat for awhile.

Of course, meditating more often is helpful and I'll blog about that another time.

Until next time,
happy writing!
Tina LaVon

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Simple Summer Weddings

Next weekend, The Irish Charmer and I are getting married. This being a second wedding for us both, we decided to keep things simple. After watching a couple of reality shows where the bride loses her mind over the dress or the details of the big day, I knew I didn't want to go there. I want to enjoy every minute. Our goal has been to share this moment with the people we love in relaxed setting, without going bankrupt, or crying for hours. So far, we have managed to keep the cost around $1,000. I thought someone might benefit from what we learned.

* Location - I like to say we are having a party with a time-out to get married. We decided to have both the wedding and reception at my cousin's house. Her husband even installed a misting system on the patio. What a guy! Even though it is an evening wedding, it is still Arizona in June. Not renting a church or hall saved a lot of money. Of course, I have bought a gift for them to say thank you.

* Drinks - I bought the beer, sodas, and water over a holdiay weekend. I checked the local flyers and discovered Frys grocery store had them on sale cheaper than Costco.

* The Dress - Can be a huge expense. My sister loaned me hers, but I soon discovered I would have been overdressed for this simple wedding. Instead, I found a cute white sundress for $100 at Pennys. They had a wide selection of white sundresses to choose from and some were less expensive.

*Shoes - Kohls turned out to be the perfect place to buy heeled sandals. I received a ten dollars off card in the mail and the shoes were on sale. I paid about $12 for the shoes. Great deal!

*Food - Catering is not cheap. Costco couldn't be beat for food. Yesterday we loaded our cart with frozen appetizers we will heat up that day. Tip: to get them all in the freezer, I had to take the plastic packages out of their cardboard containers. I saved the preparation directions and tossed the rest of the boxes.

*Extra expenses - Relatives and friends want to help, so let them as long as they don't have outlandish ideas. I have wonderful people in my life who want to be a special part of our big day. My adult daughter is taking me out to get my nails, hair, and makeup done. It will be a wonderful bonding moment. My sister is paying for the minister who is a friend of hers from work. My aunts and uncles are bringing coolers and long tables. And a friend from work is providing 20 of the chairs. We are renting the rest from a place with reasonable prices.

*The cake - The Irish Charmer and I were going to get a sheet cake. We didn't want to spend a huge amount of money on a traditional wedding cake. My daughter said the resorts are using cupcakes these days so my mother is ordering dozens of red velvet cupcakes. We have three towers to put them on for a decorative display.

*Decorations - Don't forget your local dollar store. I bought eight centerpieces; simple glass bowls to float roses inside. My mother donated satin rose petals for the table. I did splurge for bubble tubes, candy, and the netting to put them in at Party City. I'm sure I could have found it cheaper elsewhere, but I was running out of time to compare prices. They did have satin ribbon for only 59 cents. Cheaper than most places I had checked for ribbon.

* Photography - Again, this is a second marriage so we didn't feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars on pictures. I bought a package of fun cameras to place around on the tables for guests to use and we are also bringing digital cameras. I'm confident there will be enough photographs to capture the spirit of the day.

* Flowers - I could have ordered flowers at Costco, but Frys has them for about ten dollars a dozen. I ordered 3 dozen and with floral tape and ribbon will make my bouquet and the flowers the ladies standing up with me will hold, plus the roses for the centerpieces. Much cheaper than going through a florist.

Overall, I am very happy with what we have accomplished. I haven't lost my mind and am enjoying every moment. And at the end of the evening, we will be happily wed. That is what matters most.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't Worry, Be Happy

A few minutes ago I decided to meditate before looking

over my manuscript once last time before sending it out.

I intended to visualize what I wanted in my life. The

interesting thing about meditating is what you need, rather

than what you want, can come to you rather quickly.

At first, I was mentally cataloging what to visualize and

then I remembered what Mike Dooley, author of Manifesting

Change, said when I heard him speak. He believes if

you focus in just being happy, the universe will give you

what you need to be happy.

Rhonda Byrne, author of The Power, claims your life will

change for the better if you are happy and sending out love

51% of the day. I wrote 51% on my bathroom mirror as a


Instead of rushing around because I have so much to do,

I have decided to seek out the joy of every moment. Feel

the overwhelming happiness that flows through my body

when I do this and trust that I will accomplish all that needs

to be done. Instead of feeling stressed, I will be grateful

and happy. I suggest you give it a try, too.

Until next time,

happy writing!

Tina LaVon

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Overcoming Hurdles

This evening, my fiance (The Irish Charmer)
and I were watching the movie My Big Fat Greek
Wedding. In one touching scene, the main character,
Toula, is discussing the future with her brother.
He says, "Don't let your past dictate who you are,
but let it be part of who you will become."

Since that quote hit both of us,
I decided to pass it along. The brother claims it
came from Dear Abby. I don't know if that is true,
but it sounded like something she might have said.

As writers, this quote could tell you to let the pass
go. If you received rejections or harsh criticism
from contest judges or critique partners, learn
from it and let it go. Don't let negativity keep you
from writing and submitting. It could also mean
to let your childhood or past relationships go.
If someone was cruel to you or you loved them and
they still left you, let it go. You took with those
experiences emotions that will help you as a writer,
but don't let them trap you in the past
and keep you from writing.

Each day you wake up, decide what your goal is
and work to accomplish the baby steps that will
help you achieve that goal. You are the only
one keeping you back.

Until next week,
happy writing!
Tina LaVon

Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Surprise

Last week I focused on the positive more than I had been. I admit, it wasn't always easy with a hectic job, but Rhona Byrne says if you can do this just 51% of the day, you will change your life.

Well, an amazing thing happened. Wonderful friends threw me a bridal shower and my college roommate surprised me by flying in from Atlanta. I live in AZ. We both screamed in delight. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends; those whose who put the shower together and those who attended. That will be my positive focus for the week.

Several times a day I am going to mentally go back to my shower and remember how blessed I am to have wonderful friends. We'll see what this positive vibration brings my way this week.

Until I post again, remember those famous words, "Don't worry, be happy."

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Focusing on the Positive

It isn't easy to focus on the positive when you are overwhelmed at work or in your private life. My goal from this second on is to shift to the positive as much as possible and see what happens. According to the teachings of The Secret, escpecially those of Mike Dooley, positive things should come my way. For example, today in church, my fiance and I had to stand against the back wall because we were late. The ushers were finding seats, but I was thinking the women with babies needed ones before us. I was resigned to standing for the long mass. The ushers waved us over and I realized the women with babies were already seated. According to The Power or Mike Dooley, I had given out positive thoughts for others and was rewarded for that. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but I don't believe in coincidences. So, I will focus on the positive and report back what the Universe sends my way.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Power of Happiness

In The Secret and The Power they discuss being in a grateful state of mind. I have noticed that when I'm grateful, I am happy. When I'm happy more things come to me that make me happy. It's almost like the Universe/God wants to maintain that balance. Greater spiritual minds than mine could spend hours explaining that one.

A perfect example was last Friday. Thursday night I had made major accomplishments on my book proposal and I was in a state of ectasy. Life was wonderful! The next day was the last day of school before spring break and I noticed every great thing that came my way. One student said, "Today's your lucky day!"

That morning:

*We were supposed to split a class when the teacher took the day off to prepare for her wedding, which meant six additional students in our rooms. We had done the same the day before. I was prepared, but the administrators decided to move other staff into that room for the day. That meant no additional students for my team.
*A teacher brought bagels and my assistant brought donuts. Yum!
*I also received an extra portion of shrimp poppers for lunch. Not good for my diet, but it is my favorite item on the cafeteria menu.
*One hundred percent of my students passed the math test on the first try. The day before some of them were struggling with adding money, but suddenly they caught on that morning.

It honestly felt like the universe had shifted people and events to make my school day awesome!
Of course, the rest of the day was great; it was spring break!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Universe Works in Amazing Ways

Once I discovered how The Secret works, I started noticing how small things I want manifest. In fact, I am often amazed at where they came from. Its as if the Universe goes out of its way to bring me things in strange ways so I will know, without doubt, that it came from the Universe.

One day I noticed I should add some paintings to my condo walls. I knew I would get them and put it out of my mind. Within a month, a second grade student brought me original oil paintings his aunt had made. Who would ever guess they would have come from a child?

Last year I had my condo up for sale. I knew the spare bathroom needed something to make it more presentable. I knew I would take care of it and let it go. Before long I attended a Desert Rose Romance Writer's meeting. Kathryne Kennedy, a dear friend of mine, won a basket. She decided I should have it. I argued with her, but she kept insisting. When I got home I discovered it contained bath salts, soaps, etc. And all in purple, which matched the spare bathroom.

I needed to get new sheets for my bed. I knew I would get them at the right time and put it out of my mind. I rarely went to the mall so the Universe would have to bring them to me and it did. A friend takes me to the gem show twice a year. This was the first time we had seen Egyptian sheets sold at the gem show for an extremely low price. I was amazed.

Every time the Universe brings me things in unique ways I am thrilled and delighted, so it keeps happening. Remember to be grateful for what you have, try to stay in a happy state of mind, and send love to others and the Universe will amaze you.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

How The Secret Worked This Past Week

In my previous post I noted that the more specific I am about what I want the faster it comes. It also comes quicker if I am positive it will come to me, but I don't hold onto it tightly.

My day job is teaching elementary school. When my back started hurting from carrying my purse, coffee carafe, and bag filled with papers to grade, I started pulling a crate on wheels from my car to the classroom Monday thru Friday. I have had this crate for over a decade and it was falling apart. I had put off purchasing a new one because I wasn't positive what I wanted. My crate was too big and had to placed on the passenger seat of my car.

Early this past week, I noticed a teacher friend had a crate half the size of mine. I liked that. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it was a step in the right direction. I would prefer something....prettier. She thought her sister found it at a local office supply store. I couldn't find it, but passing a Michael's craft store I thought they would have something that might work. Years ago I found a perfect container on wheels for holding my books for signings at another craft store. Unfortunately it was $50 and I had no intention of spending that much money. I really didn't want to spend more than $30, which would have been the price of a replacement crate.

Inside Michaels I "just happened" to start a conversation with a sales associate who told me they had a teacher discount. (You will learn with The Secret there are no coincidences. This person was sent in my path to help me save money.) I saw a pink cloth covered scrap booking tote for about $45. Too expensive. On the very last isle of the store, I found the perfect tote. It is exactly the size I wanted, covered with a black cloth with a "pretty" white design. With my teacher discount it cost me about $25, which is less than a replacement crate would have cost. Oh, and did I tell you there was only one left? On Friday, I placed my coffee carafe and purse inside, along with my teaching tools and felt wonderful.

So...if you are interested in testing this out, pick one thing you want. Be positive you will get it. Narrow down
the details and see if it works for you too.

Friday, January 28, 2011

How The Secret Works

After listening to the audio CDs of The Secret and its sequel The Power, plus books by Mike Dooley, my understanding of The Secret is you put yourself into a state of gratitude; loving all of the good in your life. You appreciate what you have and more of what you want will come to you. Only better.

In The Secret, the speakers recommend creating a vision board. You glue onto it pictures of what you want in your life. Mike Dooley says you can just ask to be happy and the universe/God (Whatever your spiritual belief may be) will give you what you need to be happy.

Once you say what you are grateful for and you know what you want, then you say what you want as if you already have it. For example, I can say, "I am so grateful I am a New York Times writer." At some point in the day you should visualize your life as if you already have what you want. Act as if you already have what you want. I would need to write more. If it is a new love you want, then make room in your closet for that person. Sleep on one side of the bed instead of the middle. Imagine what you would do during the day with your significant other. It is important to feel good about you want, to have love for it, but not to hold onto it so tight that you actually push it away. Have faith you will get what you want.

I found that is was difficult for me to believe that I could get the big things I want so I started out small. I have found that when I am about positive about the details of what I want it comes to me faster. And what comes to me often feels magical.

One example of the magic: Every time I went into an office supply store I would search for the perfect organizer. I wanted a small calendar with big date squares and an area to store cards, change etc. It also needed to have a burgundy leather case. One day I spent over an hour looking at everything in the store. Finally, I decided I could just make what I wanted by putting a calendar, dividers, paper, and business card holders into a binder. Once I knew exactly what I wanted, twenty seconds later I found a leather, burgundy binder on top of a set of black ones. There was no other one like it in the store. There wasn't even a spot for it. And I know it wasn't there a few minutes before because anything burgundy stands out to me. I had to ask a sales associate to scan the bar-code to find out how much it was. It was like if fell from the heavens.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How I REALLY, REALLY Know The Secret Works

The biggest change in my life came about because of The Secret.

Growing up I had always wanted the nuclear family. When I got divorced I figured that was a lost dream. When my daughter was young I decided I wouldn't date until she graduated from college. For over a decade I was closed up. I had friends and discovered my writing, but I never let a man close. I never considered replacing that dream with another one because I was too scared.

About two and half years ago, I realized my daughter would soon graduate from college. I knew it was my time to live my life for me. I had also seen The Secret on DVD and knew the possibilities were endless. Overnight I was happier than I had ever been. My friends noticed the difference and commented. They also waited to see if this change would stick and it has.

At that time, I knew that it was my time to be truly happy. It was also my time for that one big true love. I had no doubts that God/The Universe would send me the right man for me. I was ready. Almost every day for two years I said, "I have a man who loves and adores me." I also knew it would be a man from my past. According to The Secret, you say what you want as if you already have it.

Thanks to Facebook, several old flames came back into my life. They are all wonderful people, but one was meant to be. The man who truly loves and adores and tells me often. He knew what he wanted and went after me. No doubts. I remember telling a friend in college that he was the right man at the wrong time. Now he is the right man at the right time and we are blissfully happy together. I call him my Irish Charmer.

The only thing better than writing romance novels is living one.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How I Know The Secret Really Works

Several years ago, a writing friend showed the DVD of The Secret to those of us who were interested. I watched because she was a freind. I had never heard of The Secret. I didn't know Oprah had discussed the Power of Attraction. I just knew it explained how I got my condo about eleven years ago.

When I decided to move, I knew I wanted to live in an area close to another friend. It was an upscale area so I could only afford a condo. That suited my needs because I avoid yardwork like the plague. I found the perfect location. Unfortunately, the builder had gone under and they were not for sale. At least not until the complex was sold at auction. But no one knew when that might be. My realtor couldn't find any information.

In the meantime, I put my house up for sale. I wanted to be ready. My first potential sale was contigent on the buyer selling her home. Her buyer disappeared the day of closing so our sale fell through. I was devastated. A few months later another buyer came along, but she wanted me to rent back my home until the end of January. I thought it was odd, but agreed. Afterall, during those four or so months I was trying to sell my house, no one knew when the condo complex would open.

I was so determined to buy this condo, that I spoke to the apartment manager across the street about renting. This way I would be close to where I wanted to live.

On the day I was going to sign the lease for the apartment, the condos opened up. I noticed flags flying out front. It just happened to be the first day the new owner of the condo complex had opened its door for potential buyers to view the model homes. But....they didn't have the right paperwork to sell yet.

I told them I wanted to buy, but I had to move out of my house before the end of the month so I would have to sign a six month lease with the aparments. They made a phone call and told me they would lease me one of the condos until they could sell it. That was unheard of at the time.

So...was it just a coincidence that they opened the doors the day I was going to sign a lease with the aparment? I don't think so. I had waited months for them to open up. This series of events, although nerve wracking at the time, put me in the perfect place at the perfect time to buy the home I knew I wanted - no doubts.

That is what The Secret is all about:
Know you want - believe you will have it - and the universe will arrange it. Don't worry about how. It will just happen.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Positive Brings Positive

According to The Secret, when you feel good or positive, you bring about other events that make you feel good. For example, today I needed an oil change so I went to a car wash to get the free wash with it. I felt wonderful when I drove away in my shiny, clean car. Later, I needed strapping tape so I drove to Target and they had sweaters I needed on sale for $9 and $14. On my way through the shopping center, I decided to get a latte at Barnes and Noble with the gift card my boyfriend, The Irish Charmer, gave me. I somehow knew the book I had been waiting for would be there. Sure enough, on the way to the counter to order my drink, I walked right beside Jenn McKinlay's next cupcake baker mystery from Berkley Prime Crime called Buttercream Bump Off.

It was a great afternoon!
Try staying in a positive state of mind and see what the universe sends your way.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Starting The Day Off Right

This morning I started my day by listening to The Power on CD. The reminder that I am in control of my life and the possibilities are endless warms my heart. I am starting my day off with a positive attitude and my mind is searching for ways to get the best out of my day. I am also ready to list what I am grateful for on my way to work.

I am grateful for my family, my new love, my home, my career, my friends, my writing...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Power

Lately, I have been listening to The Power on CD. It is the sequel to The Secret. In this book, Rhonda Byrne says the Law of Attraction is really love and whatever you send out you receive back. If you are griping, you are not sending out love and therefore will get back something negative in return. If you send out positive thoughts, which are loving thoughts, you will receive back more positive situations.

Last night, I felt like I witnessed this. All day I had been sending out positive, loving thoughts. While attending a New Year's Eve party, my boyfriend and I were able to do two things we love: play pool and poker. He's better at pool and I'm better at poker. :) Although last night, my friend Dani, of the writing team Tia Dani, swept the table. At midnight, the host shot off fireworks and my boyfriend and I were able to start the New Year off with a romantic kiss. We both agree it was the best New Years. I knew on the way home that this evening was a direct result of all of the wonderful, positive thoughts we had sent out during the day.