Friday, December 31, 2010

Grateful State of Mind

To stay in a grateful state of mind, I watched The Secret on DVD daily for weeks. I also listened to it on CD.
I wanted more info so I also bought CDs by other speakers featured on The Secret. One of my favorites is Mike Dooley. He has a CD called Leveraging the Universe. I also listened to The Key by Joe Vitale, Last summer I found a book on CD called The Greatest Secret of All by Marc Allen. He admits he didn't want to work much in life and he became quite successful. His story reminds me that anyone can find abundance in all areas of their life using The Secret.

Off to a party.
Have a fantastic New Year's Eve!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

How I Found The Secret

The Secret Experiment - A Daily Chronicle

(At least I hope its daily. I will try my best.)

A couple of years ago, a writing friend of mine brought the DVD of The Secret to a
writing meeting. I recognized right away that this was similar to The Power of Positive Thinking.
At the time, I had shut myself off, compared to the outgoing person I had been in my youth.
I had a rough childhood, my marriage ended, dating hadn't gone well. I decided not to
date again until after my daughter graduated from college. I did have my teaching career
and I had my writing. I had joined Romance Writers of America, wrote and sold a book, and
had made friends, but I wasn't open like I used to be and I wasn't as happy as I dreamed of being.

What I immediately attached to in The Secret was the idea of saying what you are grateful for every day. This more than anything else changed my life. Usually on my way to work, I say I am grateful for my friends, family, and anything else that comes to me. Sometimes its the color of trees, flowers, etc. I am grateful for roads, refrigerators, televisions, buildings, cars, even the artwork in the walls built beside the freeways. Doing this, I found my outlook on life changed. I thought about what I did have and not what I didn't. That made me happy. And people noticed. My friends commented that they had seen the change. One even admitted she had been quiet because she wanted to know if this was temporary. Two years later, I am glad to say, I am still very happy.

More tomorrow...