Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Friends 30 - 1025 MySpace Friends are Waiting for YOU!

We have reached 1,025 Live Links!

New to my blog? Each list posted, Friends 1 through 30, contains live links to Romance Readers, Writers, Reviewers, Publishers, Librarians, and Booksellers on MySpace. Simply click on a link and it will take you to that person's MySpace profile. Click on Add, then come back for the the next link. I have personally contacted every person who has a link on this blog. They want to be your friend on MySpace, so collect them all!

I like to begin each list with an introduction to a writer you may not be familar with. Friends 30 introduces

CJ West and his book, Sin and Vengeance

optioned for a feature film by LR Productions.

The screenplay is expected to be complete in Fall 2008.

CJ's book is not a romance, but I was so intrigued by the plot, the idea it may become a movie, and the fact his publisher has a high dollar contest linked to the book, I decided to include it on the blog. Read on.


When his knee shatters on the playing field, Charlie Marston is plunged into turmoil. His perspective suddenly shifts from sports superstar to regular (albeit wealthy) winemaker. He enters the world of work by way of the family winemaking business. The closeness of day to day operations with his parents illuminates qualities in them that he had consciously denied until now. Soon his youthful passion seeks a new outlet to replace the football career he's lost and he finds a new friend named Randy Black. Randy is part stunt-pilot, part Casanova, and part drunken Pied Piper. Randy leads him into terrifying predicaments that become more exciting and more dangerous with each passing day. Charlie doesn't resist until an ill-conceived stunt, compounded by drunken judgment, explodes in consequences that chase Charlie and Randy back home to Massachusetts. Charlie must eventually decide where his moral boundaries should be drawn as he contends with the after-effects of a half dozen mistakes that threaten to engulf him and his family.

Sin and Vengeance includes two messages enciphered into the text that have not been deciphered since its release in 2005. The publisher is offering a cash prize of $500 for anyone who can decipher the messages. More info is available at Read all the posts about the contest on the right side of the website. There is one person in the lead, but don't let that stop you.

You can purchase CJ's book at Amazon

Amazon: Sin and Vengeance


Friends 30 begins with Book Candy Studios. They make book trailers.