Thursday, May 15, 2008

Friends 28 - 975 Myspace Links

First, I'd like to apologize for not posting last month. I was co-coordinating the Desert Dreams Conference. Afterwards, I was exhausted, and then I started getting back into my manuscript. Four years of too much volunteer work had taken its toll. My critique partner is now forcing me to yell, "No! No! No!" in the mirror. Not really. Only at Village Inn during our meetings. You should see the looks I get.

Now that I'm recovering, I'm ready to get back to business.
If you are not familiar with my Friends Lists, they are collections of live links to Myspace pages to make it easier for you to find Romance Readers, Writers, Reviewers, Librarians, Publishers and Booksellers on MySpace. To make the lists more interesting, I first introduce an author that would like to share their bookcover and blurb with you. The myspace links are listed below the book blurb.

There are now 975 live links!

Begin with Friends 1 in the archives and work your way through all 28 lists. (Simply click on a link, and it will take you to a MySpace profile page. Click on ADD, then return to this blog and click on the next link. Remember, you must have a MySpace account to do this.)

Want your MySpace link listed?
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Friends 28 introduces Ellora's Cave author, Mailu Mann, and her book Changing Times. Check out the chest on that hunk!
Blurb: New Orleans sizzles when Dr. Carly Chambers finds herself in thehands, or paws, of sexy shifter and antique dealer Tony Pantera.Though the memory of his murdered human lover haunts him, Tony can't deny the sensual scent of this doctor his friends kidnapped. Carly is now in danger because of his enemies.
The Turn Skins are power-hungry shifters who want to expose themselves to the world and take over through fear. Tony and his friends stand in their way. Carly proves to be a tool for Turn Skins when they learn that Tony can't resist the attractive doctor. And Carly is happy to stroke this shifter's fur. Their erotic encounters hurtle them into the path of danger and death.
Can Tony protect his human lover from the Turn Skins who don't care if she's hurt as long as they get their way?
Changing Times is now available at Ellora's Cave.
Here are the live Myspace Links.
The Friends 28 List begins with a link to Donna Hatch, another member of the Desert Rose Chapter of RWA.

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Marilu Mann said...

Tina, thanks very much for putting Changing Times up on your site! I've been visiting here for a while now scooping up folks to friend on MySpace! I hope everyone will friend me if we aren't already!