Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friends 27 - 950 Live Myspace Links

New to my Friends Lists?

Each Friends List is 25 or more live links to Romance Readers, Writers, Reviewers, Librarians, Publishers and Booksellers on MySpace. To make the lists more interesting, I first introduce an author that would like to share their bookcover and blurb with you. The myspace links are listed below the book blurb.

There are now 950 live links!

Each and every one of these members of the romance community has agreed to be on this blog to help you find them on MySpace. Begin with Friends 1 in the archives and work your way through all 27 lists. (Simply click on a link, and it will take you to a MySpace profile page. Click on ADD, then return to this blog and click on the next link. Remember, you must have a MySpace account to do this.)

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Friends 27 introduces Anita Philmar and her book, Black Dragon's Blood
ISBN: 1- 60154 – 232 - 1 available at The Wild Rose Press
She stood toe to toe with him, aware that his height gave the man a distinct advantage. His close proximity sent tingles of awareness racing over her skin. “But we’re not married.” “We soon will be.” His hands settled around her waist.Swallowing the wet need gathering on her tongue, she quickly tried to think of a way to work her way out of the current situation. “I don’t think you understand, William. I don’t want to marry you.”“You will.” His arrogant statement hit her in the gut. She had no recourse. The law wouldn’t protect her. After the last war, the government had granted men with dragon slayer ancestors any mate of their choosing, a prize for gaining the country its freedom. If he wanted her as his wife, she couldn’t turn him down. But she might be able to get him to rethink his plans.“But why would you want to marry me?”
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