Sunday, March 16, 2008

Friends 25 - We've reached 900 MySpace Friends!

Friends 25 brings another list of 25 live links to Romance Readers, Writers, Reviewers, Librarians, Publishers and Booksellers on MySpace.

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The number of live links on this blog has reached 900. Each and every one of these members of the romance community has agreed to be on this blog to help you find them on MySpace. Begin with Friends 1 and work your way through all 25 lists. (Simply click on a link, and it will take you to a MySpace profile page. Click on ADD, then return to this blog and click on the next link. Remember, you must have a MySpace account to do this.)

Want your MySpace link listed?
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Friends 25 introduces my dear friend,
Laura Major and her new release, Mismatched.
Mismatched - Blurb:
Tessa Dennison, an early-thirties finance professional, resolves to define love on her own terms after a series of busted blind dates. Justin Martin, her best friend, has secretly loved Tessa since childhood. However, risking their friendship and their differing ethnic backgrounds holds him back. But it's now or never when she convinces him to screen Internet bachelors for a love match. Will Justin continue to let societal forces dictate his happiness or will he opt for full disclosure before Tessa finds a cyber match? Is Justin too firmly planted in the 'friend zone' to advance into Tessa's dating portfolio?

You can purchase Mismatched at
Friends 25 begins with the Heartland Writers Group and my co-coordinator of the Desert Dreams Conference, Susan Lanier Graham

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Tina LaVon said...

What an awesome cover!
Congrats on the success of your book.