Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chocolate Affaire was a Huge Success!

The book signing at the Chocolate Affaire was a huge success thanks to the efforts of erotic romance writer Kayla Janz and the volunteers from the Valley of the Sun RWA.

There were free workshops on writing, over twenty-five romance authors signing their books, and our hunky cover model taking pictures with fans.

This was my first signing and I can't wait till we get to do it again next year.

I want to extend a heart-filled THANK YOU to all my friends, family, co-workers, and new readers who came by to see me. I've enjoyed talking to some of you on MySpace this past week.

I also enjoyed meeting the many teenaged fans of Stephanie Myer, who giggled and yelled, "Ohmigod" when the cover model signed his picture for them. There's nothing like the sight of 15 cell phones taking pictures of their friends posing with the model. I enjoyed our discussion over Twilight.

I hope to see all of you next February once again.

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