Friday, January 11, 2008

Friends 20

Friends 20 is another 25 links to Romance Readers, Writers, Reviewers, Publishers, Libraries and Booksellers on MySpace.
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Friends 20 introduces another Wild Rose author,
Aithne Jarretta
In a Heartbeat
available at

BACK COVER BLURB: Haunted by his past, Malik rushes through a tempest filled
Florida night toward an unexpected meeting with destiny. Harboring a soul that longs
for unity with his mate, he tries to understand the shallow dating experiences up to this moment. He is positive there is someone with whom his heart beats in tandem.
Where? He doesn't have a clue.

Wyndy, Tempest Tamer Faery, has waited lifetimes for the return of her soul love.
Tonight, at last, he will come home. Their meeting, heralded within Florida's stormy
coastline, brings together an ageless love bound into eternity.

See more at:
Friends 20 begins with Erin Grady, an awesome writer I know through Desert Rose RWA.


Adelle said...

Thanks so much for adding me. I appreciate the time it must take to put this together for us all. Kudo's to you.
Adelle 'Legs' Laudan

Tina LaVon said...

Thank you for the feedback. When I hear that others in the romance community find the lists useful, I don't mind the work at all.

Aithne said...

Hey Tina,

This is beautiful. As usual, you've done an awesome job.

Thanks for all you do.



Kathleen Grieve said...

Tina, will you add HEARTLAND WRITERS GROUP MYSPACE link to your next friends update? Here is the link:

Kathleen Grieve said...

will you add Heartland Writers Group to your next friends update list? Here is the link:


Tina LaVon said...

I'm posting Heartland with the Friends 25 list.

Thanks for leaving the comment to be added.