Monday, December 31, 2007

Friends 18

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Friends 18 introduces another writer from The Wild Rose
Clover Autrey

Upon Eagle's Light released into the wild October 12, 2007 from

When Hydeia's eagle chooses a mate for her, why does it have to be a male who wants nothing to do with Eaglekins?

Eagles mate for life.
When the proud gifted eagles of Gaspar choose a mate, the Eaglekins they are each true-bonded with automatically become mates as well.
Deemed her entire life as being unworthy of true-bonding with an eagle, Hydeia was as shocked as the Matrons that one of the strongest eagles chose her. And she isn’t about to fail in her first task and prove the Matrons right. The timing is terrible for Hydeia to gain a mate. Then again, the attraction flowing between her and the Eaglekin male through the connection of their eagles is hard to resist. But resist him she will for she has been charged with discovering why several Eaglekins and their eagles have gone missing and isn’t about to let anything—or anyone—slow her down.
Ammah can’t believe his own eagle has taken a mate and gotten him entangled with another cruel-hearted Eaglekin female. After an agonizing ordeal, he’d hardened his heart against the ways of his people long ago. Now he is faced with a stubborn woman who demands that he is her mate. Never again. But how can he walk away when the little fool is plunging headlong into danger? And worse, how will he resist the attraction compelling him to her?
Friends 18 begins with New York Times Bestselling Author, Heather Graham
and Barbara Vey, who writes a blog for Publishers Weekly.


Clover said...

Tina, you are absolutely the best!!!

Tina LaVon said...

I was glad to introduce your book.

charley said...

I loved reading your book. I hope you have the next one out soon! It's been a long time since I found a book that the pages turned so quickly and I got so lost and wrapped up in another world.

Weiss said...

This book is amazing. It's one that you let all your work and kids be set aside for cause you can't put the book down. I love the connection between Hydeia and Ammah and I love the adventure. Thanks for such an excellent story!!

Weiss said...

This book is amazing. It's one of those books that you ignore all your work and children because you can't put it down. I love the connection between Hydeia and Ammah. Thanks for such an excellent book.

alysha said...

You create such a wonderful fantasy land that I can't stop reading and am sad to leave when it's finished. I also really enjoyed your other story The Sweetheart Tree.