Thursday, October 11, 2007

Friends 8

With Friends 8 posted, there are now
400 romance readers, writers,
reviewers and booksellers linked on
this site. They want to be your "friend"
on Myspace.

If you would like your Myspace link added,
please leave a comment below, OR email me at
suspensebytina @ (no spaces) and send me your Myspace URL (listed on your
profile page), OR if you add me as a friend, I'll send you a message asking if you want to
be added.

Also, if you would like to be contacted whenever I post another Friends list, you can join my Yahoo newsletter group at
I promise all announcements will be short and to the point. All members of the group will automatically be included in a December 1st drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.

This week I want to introduce you to Page One, another resource available for writers who want to promote their books.

"PAGEONELIT.COM is ranked #4 out of over 16 million Google searches for author interviews and #1 Google search for literary newsletters - Very HUGE considering this is the world we are talking about. Site gets a mill hits a day - That's serious traffic. , (a Writer's Digest, USA Today & Chicago Tribune featured literary site), is offering authors a place to sell their books online -- Only a few spots remain. and

Interview Offer: For only $250 -- You get: -- A full personal interview page at and with your photo, bio, book summary, short book review, etc...This is a one time fee for long range promotional goals. Note: Your interview page will stay up forever. Note: Your interview page will stay up forever. This is your interview page to market your book as you like."

Friends 8 starts with Avon Romances and Susan Kearney: (YA audience only)

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