Sunday, September 23, 2007

Friends 5

We now have 250 romance readers, writers, and booksellers
included on the Friends Lists. They want to be your "friend" on

If you would like your link added, please leave a comment below. I will not add a link unless I have been given
permission to do so.

A huge "Thank you" goes to Sylvia Rochester for allowing me to contact her Myspace friends to help build this list. Please visit her site and see her award-winning trailer.

Sweet Smell of Death
Golden Wings Award and a Wings Best Seller Direct order link at

Friends 5 starts with Kelley St. John and Judi McCoy. Corrected spelling

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Monday, September 3, 2007

Liquid Hypnosis - Recommended Read

Fallen Angel Reviews gives Liquid Hypnosis
5 Angels and a Recommended Read!
"The story has such a twist to it that when it happens you wonder how you didn’t see that coming. Ms. LaVon has taken this reader on a ride that I would joyfully go on again and again."
Liquid Hypnosis is available at:

Top Ten Reasons to Avoid Exercise

(Just for laughs―Names have been misspelled to protect the innocent: Me.)

10. You’ll sprain something, like your dignity. Ever see a size 48DDD do jumping jacks? Sure you have, she’s the poor woman with the broken sports bra and two black eyes.

9. It sweats off your makeup, exposing your blemishes and the hickeys you acquired while drunk during the office Christmas party-at The White House. Who was that man with the cigar?

8. You could break a nail. How can you shove your manuscript over the bathroom tile, toward the editor in the next stall, with flourish, if you’re missing a press-on?

7. You’ll breathe hard, which should only be done while (get your mind out of the gutter) reading suspense scenes in romance novels. “Don’t go in the basement, you too-stupid-to live heroine!”

6. You need that derriere cushion. Keeps you anchored while you read or write. Haven’t you heard, “Weeebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.”

5. Exercise is a con. It was invented by the candy companies… Oh, no. That was Halloween. Never mind.

4. It makes you drink water. Down with bland H2O! Up with mind altering, nerve shattering, wallet-busting frapppucinos with triple espresso shots! Say that twelve times fast, then get a refill.

3. Exercise is frightening. Just thinking about the StairMuster can bring on alternating asthma and panic attacks.

2. Exercise takes time away from reading romance novels; a sin in my book, right after, “Thou shalt not covet they neighbor’s Nora collection.” (There’s plenty for everyone.)


1. It’s dangerous to your health. If that young, petite, blonde laughs at my spandex shorts one more time, I’m going to tape electrodes to her ThighMuster.

Now get out from under those weights and run-okay, drive-to your nearest bookstore and buy, buy, buy. The woman with the biggest romance collection, with the greatest number of authors wins!


Friends 3

Due to demand, I am posting Friends 3 ahead of schedule.
Below are the MySpace links of romance readers and writers who want you to become "Friends" with them on MySpace. I only list the links if I've made contact with that person, so you can be assured they are waiting to hear from you. If you would like to be added to the next list, you can contact me by commenting below, or through my website at
If you are on Bebo or Facebook, my friend, Kim Watters, the author of Web of Deceit (The Wild Rose Press), is collecting those to list on her blog. (Coming Soon) If you send them to me, (or already did) I'll pass them along to her.
Friends 3 starts with Lori Wilde and the Immortal Series. Ohio Romance Authors